Strategies for Designing an Open Space Living Room

A modern living room design in a Connecticut home

There are many different ways to design a living room depending on the size and shape of the room, as well as your personal style and how you entertain guests. However, one of the trendiest design styles of the moment is the open space living room. This room design makes it easy to move from one place to another and entertain guests. However, it can be a challenging style for homeowners who crave separation between rooms for the purposes of privacy or efficiency.

Here are a few of our favorite strategies for designing an open space living room that’s functional, livable, and stylish.

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Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Child’s Room While Away at College

Kid moving to college

It’s that time of year again…back to school season! If you have a college-age son or daughter, chances are that you’ve been busy stocking up on everything needed for a new dorm or apartment. Most of the focus has been on decorating a new college space, but what about your own home and that empty room left behind?

You could leave your child’s room exactly just the way it is to welcome him or her back home on holidays and college breaks. Or alternatively, you could make minor adjustments to the room to fill the extra space and focus on your own hobbies and interests. Watching your kids leave home is hard, but perhaps a room renovation is just the home project you need to fill the void!

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3 “Cool” Places to Find Outdoor Summer Fun

Stay Cool Connecticut (1)

By this point of the summer, many families in the Hartford area have hunkered down in their air-conditioned homes to await cooler days. But by locking yourselves indoors, you’re missing out on so much summer fun!

You don’t need A/C to stay cool, and in fact, there are lots of exciting ways to spend time in nature without getting overheated. The staff here at Furniture Barn loves getting outside and active, so we’re highlighting three of our favorite ways to cool off outside in the Hartford area. Perfect for families of all sizes, ages, and interests, here are the best local options for making the most of this hot and steamy season!

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Summer Cooking Strategies to Keep You & Your Kitchen Cool

Family cooking breakfast in the summer

The heat of the summer has arrived here in Connecticut, and many of us are doing everything in our power to stay cool. With the kids on summer vacation and guests coming over for weekend parties, foregoing homemade meals is not an option. However, working up a sweat in a hot kitchen is more than just uncomfortable. An overheated kitchen also competes with your air-conditioning system, making the whole house hotter and your electric bills rising by the month.

So, to beat the heat and still enjoy the delicious summer foods you love, here are some tips to try out at home. From alternative cooking methods to visiting your local house furniture store, summer meals have never been so easy!

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Sustainable Furniture and Why It’s So Important for Our Environment

Sustainable furniture is important for our environment

At Furniture Barn, we don’t just sell beautiful furnishings that make a house a home. We are also passionate about the environment and aim to educate our customers and the community about the importance of sustainability in the home design industry.

To help bring awareness to this important cause, we have partnered with the Sustainable Furnishings Council, which is a coalition of home furnishings manufacturers, retailers, and designers who care about the environment and want to promote sustainable practices. This council was created in 2006 and has a mission of working alongside companies, like ours, reduce furniture-related environmental impacts and environmental pollutants that put human health at risk.

Here is some information about our exciting partnership with the Sustainable Furnishings Council and why sustainable furniture is so important for our environment and health right now.

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3 Must Visit Farms and Local Growers in Hartford County

Gotta's Farm, Grescyzk Farms and Beckett Farms in Hartford Connecticut

Grocery shopping is one of the most common routines that we do every week or so. It’s easy to revisit the nearest chain supermarket week after week to walk through the familiar aisles to feed our families. But one of the best things about living in Connecticut is the abundance of local farms that grow and sell fresh produce throughout the year.

In this article, your local Furniture Barn team will discuss the wonderful benefits of shopping at farmers markets and highlight three farms that travel to farmers markets in Hartford County.

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Take Your Living Room’s Design Focus Off the TV

Take Your Living Room’s Design Focus Off the TV

For far too long, televisions have been the primary focal point in American living rooms. Dating back to the 1950s, families have been gathering around the living room TV to watch the news, favorite sitcoms, and tune out after long days of work and school.

But these days, our lives have become so bombarded by technology that it’s become a challenge to take breaks from screen time and actually interact with family and friends. Interestingly, the design of your living room has a lot to do with how you and your loved ones connect with each other and spend time together at home.

Here some design tips for creating a living room space that isn’t centered on the television, but is more like a tech-free sanctuary that adds value to your relationships and personal life.

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Transform a Backyard Patio into Your Summer Dining Room

Transform a Backyard Patio into Your Summer Dining Room

In the summertime, there’s nothing better than enjoying an al fresco meal with friends and family. Restaurant patios are buzzing right now with activity as hungry diners soak up the sunshine and fresh air of the season. But if you love to cook or are trying to feed a family on a budget, there’s no need to go out to eat for every meal when you feel like being outdoors.

In this article, we’ll suggest a few ways that you can transform your backyard patio into a summer dining room that’s intimate, festive, and convenient. We’ll also touch on some stylish ideas to protect you and your guests from the environmental elements of summer, such as sun, wind, and insects.

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5 Historical Homes to Visit Near Hartford, Connecticut

If you’re interested in American history or architecture, Connecticut is one of the very best places to be in the entire country

If you’re interested in American history or architecture, Connecticut is one of the very best places to be in the entire country. Our home state’s architectural design is steeped in history from the nation’s earliest days dating back to the colonial period and on through the Revolutionary War. There are many historic homes and sites that relive the stories of legendary figures and teach us more about the places we know and love.

For this article, the Furniture Barn staff has compiled a list of favorite historical homes in the area that are worth learning about and visiting. Some of them are well-known to locals, while others are hidden gems in the Hartford region of Connecticut. We’ll touch on the historical relevance and different architectural styles of each home and whether any of these classic styles are still used in modern furnishings we offer today. We’ll also include some logistical details about how to visit these iconic sites in our local community.

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