Home Bar Design: 5 Ideas for Creating a Fun Home Bar

home bar sangria ingredients

It’s always fun to go out for cocktails or a wine tasting, but you can also bring that spirit of fun right into your home to save money and spend more time with friends and family. A home bar can serve as a focal point for parties and holiday gatherings, and it can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Here are some home bar design tips for creating the perfect home bar, including what you’ll need, where to put it, and décor considerations to keep in mind.

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The Dangers of Cheap Mattresses & Why a Non Toxic Mattress is So Important

Modern Bedroom

If you spend an average of eight hours in bed each night, that comes out to about 2,920 hours on your bed each and every year. That’s a significant part of your life dedicated to just one piece of furniture in your home. Not only should a mattress be comfortable and supportive, but it should also be free of toxins and hazardous materials that put your health at risk.

This article will describe the dangerous chemicals and manufacturing practices that cheaper mattress brands use and how to find a quality mattress that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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