Creating a Guest Room to Accommodate Holiday Guests

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In many families, the holiday season means extra guests and visitors from out of town who need a place to stay. Spare bedrooms tend to collect clutter or be transformed into hobby rooms throughout the year. But now is the time when those rooms are needed for guests, so some reorganizing, rearranging, and new purchases may be necessary.

This article will provide information about how to create the perfect guest room to accommodate your holiday visitors. We’ll touch on the best guest room furniture, guest room décor, and guest room essentials to stock the space with as well.

Provide High-Quality Sheets, Blankets, and Pillows

Presumably, your guest room will be mostly used for sleeping, so start your holiday preparations off with an assessment of the bedding. Sheets, blankets, and pillows should be in good condition and not dirty, stained, or woefully outdated. A plush environment with high-thread-count sheets, a thick duvet, and lots of cozy pillows will welcome your guests and ease them into a restful night’s sleep.

Other Guest Room Essentials

In addition to bedding, there are other guest room essentials that you can provide to make your guests more comfortable. In your guest room, consider providing an alarm clock, glass for water, and sound machine to block out any outside noise. Lay out a few books and magazines for your guests to browse as well in case they didn’t bring their own reading material or just want to explore something new.

Supply an Array of Bathroom Toiletries

To be a good host or hostess, your holiday preparations don’t stop at the guest bedroom door. It’s also a nice idea to stock the guest bathroom with toiletries that your guests can use. This can include a new toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo conditioner, soap or body wash, and cotton balls.

Also make sure that there are bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths in the bathroom for guests to use. Spare rolls of toilet paper should be provided in an accessible location in case the current roll runs out during your guests’ stay. A clean and fresh bathrobe for guests can also be a nice touch for the guest bathroom.

Arrange Comfortable Guest Room Furniture

But of course, every good guest room starts with a great collection of bedroom furniture. Guest room bed options include double, queen, or king size beds, as well as bunk beds if kids will be visiting your home. Other bedroom furniture that has both functional and aesthetic purposes are dressers, chests, armories, and nightstands. We sell all of these furniture items at Furniture Barn, so if your guest room needs an update, stop by to browse our beautiful pieces!

If space allows, add a comfortable chair, ottoman, and side table to your guest room as well. This provides a safe and comfortable space for your guests to retreat from the rest of the busy household if they want some solo time without having to lounge on the bed. A lamp and some reading material are great additions to this type of sitting space and your overall guest room furniture layout.

Declutter and Make Closet Space

When your guests arrive, let them know whether the existing drawers and closets are available for their use or already filled with your own items. This helps take the guesswork out of their unpacking and organizing process.

If you can spare the extra storage space, try to reorganize your guest room closets and drawers to allow at least a bit of space for guests’ personal items. This may not be necessary if your guests are only staying for one night. But visitors who plan to stay for several days or weeks will feel much more at home if they have an organized and accommodating place to put their things. Even if you can’t spare the closet and drawer space, make sure to clean up clutter in the guest room so that nothing will be tripped over or adding to your guests’ stress levels.

Incorporate Welcoming Guest Room Décor

Guest room décor can be pretty simple and versatile so that it feels welcoming to a variety of guests who pass through your doors. Decorate your guest room with neutral colors and patterns so that the space doesn’t feel awkward for visitors of a particular gender or age group. Keep the room light and airy with natural light, and stick to calming decorative accents to ease any tensions that may have built up during stressful times of travel.

Add Some Adjustable Lighting

Everyone’s morning and nighttime habits are a bit different, so your lighting should be adaptable for different types of routines. One great addition to a guest bedroom is an adjustable bedside lamp. This way, your guests can stay up late reading or get up early to catch up on emails without disturbing other people in the house.

Cover Windows with Blinds or Curtains

To respect your guests’ privacy and help them sleep better, guest room windows should be equipped with blinds or curtains. Blackout curtains are a nice touch if the guest room faces a street light or road with traffic. But for occasional guests, you may choose affordable roller shades or standard draperies to keep the light out when it’s not wanted.

Explain How to Use Electronics

Some guests are more tech-savvy than others, so it never hurts to provide a brief lesson on how to use electronics in the guest room. Upon arrival, show your guests how to use the guest room TV and remote control, as well as any stereo equipment that is located here. It may help to jot down some notes on electronics operation on an index card or post-it note so that your guests can refer back to your tips later if they want to watch television or listen to music at night.

Share Your Wi-Fi Log-In and Password

In today’s modern age, many homes are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, and many guests rely upon free Wi-Fi when they travel. If your home has reliable internet capabilities, provide your guests with your Wi-Fi log-in and password information so that they can feel connected, informed, and entertained.

Put Out Fresh Flowers

Nothing brightens up a guest room like fresh flowers, so pick up a bouquet and a vase before your guests arrive. Alternatively, houseplants may last longer and can be relocated to more central parts of your home for you to enjoy even after your guests have left.

Lay Out Snacks and Drinks

Guests often don’t want to feel like they’re imposing upon you, so they may turn down food and beverages that you offer out of courtesy. To cut through the awkwardness and make guests more comfortable, consider laying out some light snacks, bottles of water, or other beverages in your guest room. This way, your guests can have a little midday or midnight refreshment without feeling like a bother.

Add Fun Personal Touches

If you have a little extra time on your hands before guests arrive, consider getting creative and adding a few personal touches to really “wow” them from the moment they walk in. You could make a simple sign with arts and crafts materials to welcome them, or hang festive decorations on the guest room door to get them in the mood for the season. It’s also a nice personal touch to display photographs in the guest room of memorable times that you spent with your guests in the past.

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