Must-Have Holiday Room Décor & Decorating Ideas

Cozy living room with Christmas decorations

This is the exciting time of year when many homeowners head to the attic or basement to pull out old boxes of winter holiday decorations and start putting them up for the season. Some holiday room décor has deeply cherished nostalgic value and is used throughout the home year after year. But other holiday pieces are purely decorative and could perhaps use an update to keep up with the latest decorating trends.

In this article, we’re sharing our best tips for decorating your home for the holiday season and how to bring the festive spirit into your rooms with winter holiday decorations.

Essentials of Simple Holiday Décor

In many households, the Christmas tree is the centerpiece for all winter holiday decorations. The traditional Christmas tree highlights lots of other fun decorations as well, such as ornaments, multiple strings of lights, a tree stand, tree skirt, and perhaps a star or angel at the very top.

A wreath on the door, fresh poinsettias, stockings by the fireplace, and scented candles placed throughout the home are also examples of simple holiday décor that can instantly make a home more fun and festive for the winter holidays. You may also want to wrap greenery around bannisters, pick up some holiday-themed glassware and dishware for special meals, and place nativity scenes or wooden nutcrackers on tables and windowsills as well. For the exterior of the home, it’s fun to hang a holiday flag, add a bow to the mailbox, arrange lawn figures in the yard, and toss some web lights over the shrubs.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

While the Christmas tree is a classic tradition, there are many different ways that you can personalize this tradition to make it your own. One of our favorite Christmas tree decorating ideas involves tying red ribbons and ball ornaments on the tree for a classic look. Another idea is to add wooden ornaments and battery-operated candles on the Christmas tree for a warm and rustic look.

White lights and gold white ribbons are great ways to add beautiful simplicity to your Christmas tree without causing a color clash with your room’s typical décor. But you can also match your Christmas tree to your room’s current colors, whether that be blue, purple, or anything else! Other fun ideas for Christmas tree decorating include hanging real pine cones on the branches for a natural look, hanging Japanese lantern-style ornaments on an artificial bonsai for an Asian inspired look, and decorating the tree with ribbon candy, gumdrops, and strings of popcorn for an old-fashioned treat.

Holiday Decorating Trends for 2017

As more people embrace simplicity in daily life and simple holiday décor, farmhouse and country-inspired decorations are becoming one of the hottest decorating trends right now. Festive farmhouse touches include distressed wood decorations, vintage items, and galvanized metal elements. The woodland lodge theme is also a popular decorating trend for holiday décor and a great way to get in touch with nature and embrace the beautiful winter environment. On the other side of things, metallic decorations are also popular, especially with oxidized silver accents in silver, platinum, and black chrome colors. As far as Christmas trees go, winter white, fresh cut natural, and iridescent ornaments with pink tones are all trending right now. It’s also a fun trend to experiment with geometric shapes in your winter holiday decorations to add a unique twist on old favorite traditions.

Of course, all great decorating trends begin with a beautiful collection of furniture that is versatile enough to complement every holiday and season. Make sure to shop at Furniture Barn for all your furniture needs, and make this holiday season the most comfortable and festive one yet!

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