Home Bar Design: 5 Ideas for Creating a Fun Home Bar

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It’s always fun to go out for cocktails or a wine tasting, but you can also bring that spirit of fun right into your home to save money and spend more time with friends and family. A home bar can serve as a focal point for parties and holiday gatherings, and it can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Here are some home bar design tips for creating the perfect home bar, including what you’ll need, where to put it, and décor considerations to keep in mind.

1. Essential Home Bar Furniture

As with any room in your home, the perfect home bar starts with a great selection of furniture. The easiest way to set up a bar is by buying a simple bar cart with multiple shelves to hold bottles, glassware, and décor. Some bar carts are strictly functional while others have an antique, modern, or vintage look to match the other décor in your home.

If you have more space in your bar area, consider getting a bar cabinet, libations locker, or wine bar console as well to keep party supplies out of sight when not in use. If your home bar area includes a built-in wet bar, then you’ll also want to pick up some sturdy bar stools, either with backs or backless. A pub table or two can provide extra seating or standing room for additional guests.

2. Home Bar Designs & Location

The home bar design that you choose will largely be determined by its location. For example, many homeowners choose to place a home wine bar in the basement to create a cozy and comfortable setting. But you can also situate your home bar in a front entryway of your home to welcome guests with a cocktail when hosting parties. It also may make sense to place a transportable bar cart in the dining room or on the patio for easy access to drink refills during dinner parties.

3. Bar Design with Small Spaces

Many people mistakenly believe that a home bar can only fit into a large home with plenty of extra space. However, it is very possible to set up home bars in small spaces if you have the right furniture and minimalist décor.

Bar carts are great alternatives to large console tables and credenzas to save space and easily move the bar as needed. If you’re even more pressed for space, you can transform any ordinary table into a bar by adding a simply tray on top with your collection of spirts and bartending tools.

4. Lighting and Storage for Your Home Bar Designs

A home bar is a great place to get creative with your lighting fixtures, so consider hanging some colorful or funky lamps from the ceiling above your build-in bar. If you’re only using a simple bar cart, then keep the lighting simple as well, perhaps with a well-positioned spotlight or by hanging a string of lights. You can also get creative by using recycled beer cans or whiskey bottles to create themed track lighting in the ceiling!

Storage is also very important in a home bar, especially to reduce clutter if your space is small. This is where bar cabinets with multiple shelves and drawers come in handy. You’ll be more likely to utilize your home bar on a regular basis if everything you need is right there and not scattered in cupboards throughout the house.

5. Home Bar Décor Considerations

What’s great about bar glassware is that it can double as both functional and decorative. Different styles of drinks are traditionally served in different types of glasses, so pick up some highball glasses, old-fashioned glasses, martini glasses, pint glasses, and wine glasses for your bar. This is also an ideal place to hang bar signs that remind you of your favorite beverages, sports teams, or old photographs of you and your friends partying in memorable places. Depending on the theme of your home bar, you can even find festive neon signs to hang on the walls and set the mood for good times.

We hope you’ve found these home bar design tips to be helpful, and now all you’ll need to do is stock it with your favorite spirits, mixers, and garnishes!

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