Modern Living Room Designs: High-Tech Living Rooms

modern high-tech living room design

It’s a new year and an incredibly exciting time for emerging technology. Not only is computer, smartphone, and gaming technology getting more innovative, but home gadgets are now making our lives easier, better connected, and more fun.

To create a high-tech living room, there are a variety of home gadgets that you can introduce and that serve different purposes in daily life. This article will look at the various living room gadgets that can enhance your home and how to incorporate these fixtures into your modern living room design.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is the popular personal home assistant that you can give commands to in your living room. By simply saying “Alexa” to awaken the device, you can find out what the weather is, play songs from your playlists, and even add food items to your grocery list. It’s kind of like Siri on an iPhone, but for the entire living room or house. It’s also easy to connect the Echo with smart speakers and smart lights that you place elsewhere in the room to control the music and mood. The Echo is small and non-intrusive, so you can easily place it on an occasional table or bookcase in your living room.

Google Home

Google Home is another home assistant and smart speaker system that answers questions, plays songs, and helps you schedule your day. Many people use these types of home gadgets to cook recipes, manage their calendars, and remind them later of random thoughts that pop up. Some of the things that you can ask this device to do include adjusting the thermostat, turning on the coffeemaker, checking if the front door is locked, and adjusting the brightness of the lights. It works with over 1,000 smart phone devices that are made from 150+ brands. Google Home can be set up and assigned to the living room specifically to make device navigation a bit easier.


Nest is a high-tech home gadget that controls thermostats, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, security systems, and video doorbells. Pick up this device if you want to save energy and feel safer in your own home. Nest’s security cameras are made for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can place one or more in your living room to keep an eye on pets, kids, or an empty home when you’re away. These cameras plug into a power source so they won’t run out of batteries, and they send alerts to your phone with 24/7 video. Since security cameras may not be the most attractive pieces of décor in your living room, you can hide them among decorative items on bookshelves or next to your other tech items on your entertainment center.

NEO Outlets

NEO and NEO PRO are smart outlets that are great to have all around the house, including in the living room. Smart outlets let you control the electricity that your household is using in a more effective and efficient way. For example, you’ll just need to plug your devices into a NEO outlet to turn off the kitchen lights with a smartphone app while you’re lying in bed or out for the evening. If you choose the PRO version, you can even track the amount of electricity that each outlet uses, which is useful for conserving energy. If modern living room design isn’t your style and you have more traditional décor, you can strategically hide the outlets behind a sofa or curio cabinet.

Smart Lights and Light Bulbs

There are a few different smart light designs and smart light bulb options that you can use in your high-tech living room. Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs are great for saving money on energy costs with LED technology, changing colors when you get a smartphone notification, and even changing colors to resemble a sunrise or sunset. Flux Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulbs are an affordable option that you can also control with your smartphone. These types of lights can give you and your guests an epic home theater experience when paired with surround sound speakers and comfortable theater seating.

Also, Notti Smart Lights are aesthetically pleasing and can be programmed to light up in different colors to notify you about incoming emails, texts, calls, and alerts. Place these on a bedside or occasional table in the house. This is a nice way to separate yourself from your phone a bit and only respond when the color changes to one that you’ve set as an urgent code.


Another high-tech living room essential is Roku, which offers an easy way to watch all your favorite shows and movies from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go on your big-screen TV. This is an affordable set-top box that’s perfect for the living room if you love streaming content. Another perk is that you can use your smartphone as a remote control. Roku is a small device that should easily fit in your entertainment center or on a TV stand when not in use.

Sonos Play:1 Smart Speakers

The living room is an ideal place to have movie theater-style surround sound, and one of the best living room devices for this is the Sonos Play:1. These are smart speakers that are Wi-Fi enabled to let you feel like you’re right in the theater. They’re also good for streaming music for parties or while doing housework. Place the Sonos Play:1 speakers in the far-back corners of your living room for the best listening experience. One decorating idea is to place a bench or chest behind the couch and at the back of the room so that they don’t take up living room table space.

Logitech Harmony

While some families are still fighting with half a dozen remote controls in the living room, you can take a high-tech approach and invest in a universal remote that does everything with just one device. This is a great choice if you have a high-tech home theater system installed in your living room to simplify matters and reduce clutter. The Logitech Harmony 650 is a recommended universal remote because it can control up to eight devices and has an easy-to-use design. Using this device should clear up some space on your coffee table or cocktail table!


However, not all high-tech living room devices are for entertainment, and there are some home gadgets that actually make cleaning chores easier too. One such example is the Roomba, which is a vacuum that collects dirt, hair, and debris without you doing a thing. A Roomba can actually create internal maps to navigate your home and use a robotic sense of spatial understanding to clean your surfaces in an efficient way. These devices can be used on hardwood floors, carpet, and rugs, and they can actually get to those hard-to-reach corners that you may tend to skip over.

Ecovacs WINBOT

If a cleaner living room is your reason for going for going high-tech, then the Ecovacs WINBOT is another home gadget to look into. This device offers a tech-savvy solution to cleaner windows, and there are a few different models to choose from. For example, the WINBOT X combines a four-stage cleaning process and advanced fan technology with a cordless cleaning experience. This is ideal for tall living room windows that are hard to reach since no power cord is required. Other models have a cord but are more than capable of most living room cleaning projects. When not in use, stash the device away with your other cleaning tools in a utility room or hall closet.

Check out all these home gadgets to create the perfect high-tech living room to finish off your Furniture Barn modern living room designs!

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